We spent this past weekend at the LoveLoud music festival in Salt Lake City, which was created by the lead singer of Imagine Dragons.  It’s a passion project for Dan Reynolds, who wants to spark conversations in communities of faith — especially the Mormon church — about showing support for LGBTQ youth.  The HBO documentary “Believer” takes an in-depth look at how LoveLoud came to be.

Danseur: Boys and Ballet

We took an in-depth look at the bullying faced by boy ballet dancers.  The issue is explored in a new documentary called “Danseur.”  It was produced by the father of a young ballet dancer.  “There’s still so much questioning of what a boy should be, what a boy should look like, what mold they should fit,” Scott Gormley says.  He hopes to change that.


We spent 8 days in Texas covering Hurricane Harvey and its aftermath.  Despite the devastation, our team was amazed by the resilient spirit of those who lost nearly everything.  They were grateful for their lives and determined to rebuild.

OJ Week

Our team spent most of the past week in Nevada — traveling from Las Vegas to Carson City to Lovelock — for coverage of the so-called “Parole Hearing of the Century.”  Truth be told, I don’t think I had ever covered a parole hearing before this.  We filed 12 stories over the course of 10 days, plus live coverage for our Special Report.  Here’s our Nightly News report from the day of the big event.

Extreme Senior Portraits

White socks, an out-of-place tennis racket and a letter jacket — stitched with recognition for “SPEECH” and “ACADEMICS.”  I swallowed my pride for this story, showing off my ’90s senior photos, which pale in comparison to the modern-day portraits of the Instagram generation.